We place the needs of our clients first

International is part of our DNA.

We are dedicated to advising you in the management of your risks & insurances in France, in Europe and worldwide.

CBE is an active member of the GBN Worldwide network (gbnworldwide.com).

Through our international presence with more than 5000 professionals in 130 countries, we are able to serve your local teams with bespoke local insurance policies in compliance with local regulations.

Being experts in risk & insurance consulting and brokering, our team is at your service in view of merger & acquisition operations and in optimizing your insurance budgets.

The major global events that took place in 2020 reminded us of the need to correct the angle of analysis of conventional risk matrix and to constantly question certain approaches that have become obsolete. CBE conducts research and development to provide its customers in the process of international audits with reliable reporting tools and constantly review the approach of the risk analysis matrices.

According to the 2020 risk barometer produced by Allianz, the top 3 risks in the concerns of Risk Managers are as follows:

Top 1 : the risks related to cybercrime, cyber-extortion

Top 2 : the impacts to the supply chain and operating losses

Top 3:  political risks & political instability
The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic will most likely raise the financial impact of the supply chain and operating losses as well as the global health risk to a break-even pole position 2021.

We face greater risks of abrupt change.

In a riskier and unstable environment, auditing security risks and internal procedures is the business of specialists. CBE, in close collaboration with a specialized partner, recognized internationally, is able to offer you an audit of your methods, procedures and your security systems.

Associate member of the RIMS (the Risk Management Society)

According to the study conducted by the magazine Usine Nouvelle, in partnership with Orange, over a panel of 210 French firms (steel industry, food processing, research, automotive … ) 43.8% of the firms surveyed have already been confronted with security breaches over the past 12 months, and 13% do not even know if they have been affected by a cyber attack.

At a time when some European countries are slowly recovering from the recession, other European countries are back on a growth path. European based firms are looking for stronger growth opportunities in areas where the economic rates are higher than those of Europe. These new markets are also synonym of new risk exposures.

Entering these new markets should imply a thorough analysis of risks related to the economic, political, cultural situation of the host country and special attention should be given to the study of CAT risks.

Sending an employee overseas on mission must also be considered in terms of risk in case of bodily injury and need for urgent repatriation (not excluding the greater risk factors related to terrorism and kidnap). These recommendations apply regardless of the industry.

C.B.E. Cap de Bonne-Espérance (Cape of Good Hope) was founded by Jean-Georges Nanot.

Further to 25 years of experience in the insurance market, specialized in international, Jean-Georges was previously Network Country Manager of Gras Savoye Willis in France from 2010 to 2013 and member of the Executive Commitee of the Global Network group practice from 2005 to 2013. Senior consultant and P&C insurance broker who held various positions in multi-specialist firms of different sizes, coordinating employee benefits issues for large corporations as well as alternative risk analysis, the C.B.E.’s business model is servicing international clients (of all sizes) and of all nationalities.

Our objective is to assist our clients in better identifying and managing their risks & insurances in France, Europe and internationally. Jean-Georges holds a BBA in International Business Administration.

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