Business Cases

To illustrate our know-how and capacities, please find hereafter our core missions


Business case n°1 :

To differentiate yourselves from your competitors and enter new markets, your sales & marketing teams push back the limits to extend the service proposals to new activities and to reposition the technical and commercial offer. Have you measured the impacts in terms of risks and consequences in terms of insurance of these new activities?

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Business case n°2 :

You are a European firm with a high level of expertise in your domain and you are interested in the Southern Europe markets. You need a project insurance manager and insurance broker to accompany you to fulfil the insurance requirements of these markets and find the most suitable insurances coverages.


Business case n°3 : 

As part of an international tender bid you need an international risk & insurance broker to assist you in conducting the project:

  • Local Insurances + master policies
  • Estimate of insurance costs
  • Choice of local correspondents
  • Insurance solution adapted by local legal structure (JV).
  • Reporting (frequency/contents)


Business case n°4 : 

As head of insurances you require an external advice on the level performance of your insurances, both in a budget optimization scheme and to review the efficiency of the coverages and potential gaps.


Business case n°5 :

Head of insurances of an Industrial Company your primary objective is to reduce your insurance budget with an ambitious cost reduction goal.  Motivated by the challenge we accept to be paid on the basis of agreed Key Performance Indicators set according to the loss statistics, technical analysis and risk profile.


Business case n°6 :

International company specializing in the design, installation and start-up of a manufacturing plant. We have the technical capacity to advise you on the most suitable and cost effective so


Business case n°7 :

Company specialized in renewable energy you need a specialist to challenge your insurance program.


Business case n°8 :

As part of the design, installation and start-up of a power plant (gas turbine) in an emerging market, you need the implementation of a solution EAR / CAR and coverage of the power generation unit upon handover, integrating the financial power purchase agreement with the State Electricity Company.

The unit is built by the sea exposed to CAT risks.


Business case n°9 : 

Highly dependent on data exchange via the net with data storage and cloud-computing , data centers or big data , with or without online payment, customer data retention : the Cyber Risks exposures are closely related to the business model and the security in


Business case n°10 :

Subsidiary of a large group, the levels of the deductible are disproportionately high compared to the risks at local level.


Business case n°11 :

The increase in claims has led to a drastic increase in the level of the deductible. A thorough analysis of the origin of the increase in claims, and corrective measures, are required to reduce the cost of claims.


Business case n°12 :

Compliance of the health schemes and performance projections: working closely with EB specialized consultants and brokers, we can assist in presenting and selecting the most appropriate provider (broker/TPA) fitted for your size and your organization.


Business case n°13 :

Asset manager handling a diversified portfolio (real estate, commercial mall, parking lot in a skyscraper). You request a review of the capacity of the insurance programme to respond in case of a major domino effect claim.


Business case n°14 :

Your objective is to launch a RFP on your insurances: we propose to assist you in the preparation phase, implementation and review.


Business case n°15 :

Market review.

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